Scenturion Odor Eliminator Spray


The non-toxic eliminator of odor and germs… deodorize and sanitize in a single spray!

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Treatment & Protection

SCENTURION® was developed to provide a safe and effective way to kill bacteria and neutralize the other causes of odor in athletic clothing, shoes, and personal gear. The proper treatment of your sporting gear and equipment will ensure the elimination of all odors and the risk of exposure to harmful germs.  Masking these odors with other products you can smell defeats the purpose of spraying your gear in the first place. You won’t be able to detect the return of the odor-causing and harmful bacteria!

Once items are treated with SCENTURION®, its clear and flexible antimicrobial micro-coating provides an ‘ionic shield’, effectively keeping athletic clothing, shoes, and personal gear microbe-free.  And by doing so, the cycle of body exposure to these microbes is broken.

SCENTURION® is formulated to treat shoes, sneakers, cleats, skates, boots, pads, gloves, hats & helmets, shin guards, clothing, sleeping bags, tents, pet bedding & crates, home furnishings, carpeting, mattresses, auto carpet & seats.

SCENTURION® is Activated When It Is Wet, Including Your Perspiration!

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