Konixx Pulsar Wheels


The NEW Pulsar from Konixx takes the performance and durability you’ve come to expect from Konixx and delivers them onto a single pour wheel. Our proven U-Base3™ formula is married to the new Konixx K-Core™ hub to give you the best balance of rigidity and firmness, without compromising the wear of the wheel.


Tech Specs:

– Features the all new Konixx K-Core™ hub for an optimum balance of wheel rigidity and flex

– Poured with the Konixx U-Base 3™ formula

– Performance boosted w/ Konixx Trac-Tech™, Infini-Tech™, & Veloci-Tech™ additives

-Offered in +0 stiffness, optimum for up to 200lbs

– Available in 59, 68, 72, 76, and 80mm

Additional information


59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm


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